How I Grow My Hair with Two-Strand Twists


I’ve been getting good hair growth results this time on my 2nd natural hair journey.  I really believe it’s because this time my regimen has been as simple as it gets.  Once my hair had just enough length for me to twist, I started keeping my hair in twist sets for 2 weeks at a time (now they can last up to 3 weeks using different styles in between sets).  Protective styling has been great for me.  It makes  my hair more manageable and it keeps my hands out of my hair lol!  Low manipulation of the hair is helpful for retaining length and for me it leads to less shedding and breakage.

My 1st time ‘going natural’ I was a product junkie.  I tried everything on the market.  Aside from that, I was constantly handling my hair…and straightening it about once a week.  Needless to say, I experienced just as much damage I had when getting relaxers.

 Here are my two-strand twist set tips (try saying that fast 3 times lol)…

  • Twist on damp hair.  (I’ve tried twisting on wet and dry hair.  Wet holds well but shrinks.  Dry gives a bit more length but ends with stiffer twist.  Damp hair gives me the best of both worlds…some length and moisture for better hold and curly ends.)
  • Use a styling product with a pudding/custard consistency.  (results in moist twists with a soft, non-crunchy hold)
  • HORSESHOE PARTS!!! (This should be the 1st tip.  Horseshoe shaped parts give you a fuller, less scalpy look.  Box shaped parts=lots of scalp showing…unless that’s the look you’re going for.  *Disclaimer:  Hair density plays a roll in full twist sets too.  If your hair is thinner your scalp will show more than a person with thicker hair.)
  • Twist in the direction you want your hair to fall. (Ex.  If you want bangs twist hair to the front instead of to the back.)
  • Have a rat tail comb nearby to detangle ends of twists.  (just before finishing twists, lightly detangle ends of hair)
  • Twirl ends of each twist around your finger for finishing touch.  (When you almost reach the end of each twist, twirl the ends of your hair around your finger to form a curl.  This keeps twists from unraveling and makes for a cute, defined twist out.)
  • Take a hot shower without a shower cap.  (This may sound crazy, but I love it.  It plumps up my twists and serves as my daily moisturizer treatment.  Once I get out of the shower I rub a little leave-conditioner through my twists, seal with the oil of my choice, and I have soft fluffy twists for the rest of the day.)  ***Don’t rinse your twists or get your hair sopping wet.  Let the steam from the shower moisten your hair.

Next time, I’ll share how I get different styles out of my twist sets.  Do you have any twist set tips?  Please feel free to comment and share :-).

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6 thoughts on “How I Grow My Hair with Two-Strand Twists

    • Good! Let me know how it works for you. I noticed whenever I got my hair braided/twisted at the African braid shops, they used that parting method so i started using it too :-).

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